Why You Should Work with a Lawyer Who Understands Real Estate Transactions

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Buying a home can be challenging. Knowing about buying, selling or refinancing a home in British Columbia can help take some of the worry out of the process and can help you make better choices for yourself and your family. Choosing a lawyer is often an important decision.

Qualifications of Lawyers

In British Columbia, practising lawyers are generally required to complete both a four-year undergraduate degree and to obtain a first degree in law. They must also pass a bar admission course, and they are required to stay in good standing with The Law Society of British Columbia. Even for straightforward real estate transactions, working with a can be cost-effective choice, and a lawyer can also help you in the unlikely event your transaction becomes contentious. Not all lawyers are experienced in completing real estate transactions, however. Choosing a knowledgeable, experienced real estate lawyer can help you make sure your transaction completes smoothly.

Services Lawyers Offer

An experienced real estate lawyer can help you deal with the closing documentation for buying or selling a house, townhouse or condo or for getting a new mortgage.

Stephen Graf & Company, Solicitor & Notary Public can help you complete your real estate transaction smoothly. Stephen Graf & Company, Solicitor & Notary Public is a small law firm where your real estate transaction is a priority, not a number. To learn more about the professional legal services I provide, phone me today at 604-314-5700. I can help.

This blog is legal information, not legal advice. If you or someone you know needs to complete a real estate transaction, please contact me.